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Why do investors pay trillions for minority stakes in companies, when their only potential payback is modest uncertain dividends? [duplicate]

I'm struggling to understand the core reason to invest in stocks as a minority shareholder. Majority shareholding makes more sense as you effectively control the company, so you can pay yourself ...
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What would a stock be worth if dividends did not exist? [duplicate]

Let's say dividends don't exist, and will NEVER do, for all companies in the world. What would stocks then be worth? The stock could be valued according to the book value. Maybe more if the company ...
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If a stock assures that they will never pay out any dividends in the whole future of the company, is it worth anything? [duplicate]

I've had this discussion a lot with friends. It is simalar to this question: If a stock doesn't pay dividends, then why is the stock worth anything? ...But it is actually not the same. Most ...
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Buffett believes Bitcoin has no value and no future. Isn't it the same with stocks? [duplicate]

Just listened to Warren Buffett's thoughts on Bitcoin and he claims that Bitcoin is a non-producing asset which has no value. Buffet also points out that it is just the hope that others will be ...
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Why does stock go up or down with company earning? [duplicate]

I want to invest in the stock market, but can't get one thing clear. It is seen that as a company's earnings increase, its stock value also increases. Why? The company is earning more money, not the ...
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Reasons to own a non-dividend paying stock? [duplicate]

I’m sitting back doing some self-reflection (procrastination) when I start thinking about stocks. My basic understanding of stocks is that the owner ship of company is split up between owners of any ...
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Why should an investor care about a company that never pays a dividend? [duplicate]

If a company never pays a dividend, as a shareholder, why should I care if it's doing great and has positive media coverage and hype? What's in it for me? Is the fact it's reported, and analysed ...
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Why do people buy the stocks of companies that do not pay a dividend and do not have steady growth? [duplicate]

For example, consider an airline company like AIR FRANC KLM. It doesn't manifest steady growth to support the hope that share price would be higher in the future. At the same time it doesn't pay a ...
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Is it a good idea to focus on dividend income when investing in stocks? [duplicate]

I am 30 years old (can hold to stocks for longer) and currently invested in 11 different stocks positions in the US and EU - all of these companies are in the S&P500 and in the DAX and are in 7 ...
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How stock has some value of its own? [duplicate]

Suppose I buy some stock for 100 but sell it for 50. I will have a loss of 50. It's the same as buying tomatoes for 100 but only able to sell for 50. However tomatoes have at least some value in ...
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What makes expensive shares worth it when the dividends are so low? [duplicate]

I'm new to the stock market and was wondering why stocks are so expensive when the dividends are so low. One share of apple costs 127 and its dividend is .22$. What exactly makes it worth so much? I ...
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If the only value in a share (excl. dividends) comes from owning part of a company (and few own enough) then why are stocks valuable? [duplicate]

Sorry if the title is a little vague, let me be more precise. This post says that the value in shares comes from: The dividend payout Voting rights Owning part of a company, therefore receiving ...
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What's the intrinsic value of stocks [duplicate]

I am a financial noob. I wonder what are some intrinsic value of stocks. While purchasing a stock, I expect that the price of it will go up, and I'll sell it to gain the price difference. However, the ...
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What financial return do investors get when they buy shares in a company besides dividends, value of assets, and gains from changes in stock price? [duplicate]

I'm confused why a shareholder would purchase shares in a stock that doesn't pay dividends. They don't get part of the profits: Without dividends, when the company earns profits, the shareholder ...
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Why do people buy stocks that pay no dividend?

Before recently, Apple Inc. did not give dividend to shareholders. This makes me curious why people buy Apple Inc. stocks; while it might be due to the expectation of selling stocks at a higher price,...
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