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Why doesn't common investment advice include the idea of pulling out of the market during downturns?

The most common advice goes somewhat as follows: Every month, save as much money as possible after paying down your high interest bills Put that money into an index fund Reinvest dividends Enjoy your ...
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Is there a criterion for the different % allocation values in ETF or funds diversified portfolios?

This question does a good job covering the basics of asset allocation. My question concerns the asset allocation of stocks, so we leave the bonds out of the question. All the recommended portfolios ...
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Ishares Portfolios for EU investor

I am 29 at the moment at looking to start investing as much as I can and build a long term portfolio (aiming at around 2000 USD/month). Since I am based in the EU, I have no access to US based ETF ...
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What does a well diversified self-managed investment portfolio look like?

A lot of online blogs and investing material suggest that investing in a single index is not diversified enough to avoid some types of market risk. So the question then is, what does a well ...
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Withdrawing cash from investment: take money from underperforming fund?

Suppose Bob has $15K invested in an account with 2 funds (for this question we'll assume a Canadian RRSP, but the country/tax implications probably aren't relevant). He has $10K in a conservative ...
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Calculation for balancing portfolio percentage vs. risk

Disclaimer: I'm a complete novice to investment, so please adjust the style of your answer accordingly. There are some good questions on this site about "what percentage of my portfolio should I keep ...
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Should my retirement portfolio's asset allocation become more conservative over time?

It seems to be common advice that a retirement portfolio should be invested aggressively when one is young, and conservatively when one is older and closer to retirement. Is this good advice? Shouldn'...
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An index fund in my 401k performed very well this year. How to deal with the gains?

I'm 34. 100% of my 401k goes into an S&P index fund. I'm up about 25% this year. If this were in my brokerage account I'd probably cash out some of the profits and hold onto it and buy more ...
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What is the best resource for determining a specific age-based asset allocation?

I found a lot of information about how to allocate between stocks and bonds based on age, but I cannot find much about the proper allocation between domestic/international assets, large cap/small cap, ...
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Diversified portfolio return calculation & comparison to return from real estate only?

Here's a sample portfolio. If we assume that he invested $100K in the beginning (2005), is it correct that if he sold his entire portfolio and the end of 2009, he would have received $121,394? ...
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Invest in low cost small cap index funds when saving towards retirement?

This is a question about "Personal investing and asset allocation". About me: I earn more than I spend I may retire in 15 or 20 years, and I have savings to be invested in something or managed ...
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What market conditions favor small cap stocks over medium cap stocks?

I want to understand the rationale to make the decisions to invest in small vs mid cap stocks. If there are any pointers for a non-finance expert, I will really appreciate it. Thanks, Geo
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What's the most conservative split of financial assets for my portfolio in today's market?

Mid 30's, looking for what split I should have between Australian shares, international shares, property, cash, interest, bonds, options, etc. or maybe none of the above. What is considered to be a &...
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Is the Yale/Swenson Asset Allocation Too Conservative for a 20 Something?

Is the Yale Portfolio by David Swenson: Too conservative for a twenty-something with a mid-sized portfolio (under $100K)? What are some of the pro's and ...
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What is a good asset allocation for a 25 year old?

I have a mid-sized portfolio (under $100K). And am currently in 100% stocks. I have seen some advice being given that states 80/20 bonds will yield similar returns as 100% stocks with less volatility.
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