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I am currently thinking about investing my money in various things. I have a monthly income of 900€ and only 40€ regular expenses including food, spotify premium and a web domain. From what I can ...
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What to spend money on after getting first good job? [duplicate]

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Scenarios for a 25 yo finishing a PhD staying in Academia, but hope to invest her $100 K USD [duplicate]

Suppose 1: I am a 25 year old just about to finishing my PhD in pure mathematics, and have saved about $100 K USD so far in my life. I have saved all $100 K USD in an American Bank (actually Bank of ...
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How best to grow my small amount of money starting at a young age? [duplicate]

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If I want to invest as a 19 year old, how should I go about it? [duplicate]

I'm a 19 year old student and I have a part-time job as a programmer. I make 20 euros an hour and I work about 10-15 hours a week, depending on school responsibilities. I earn 800 euros a month, ...
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What are good investment options for a 19yr old stripper [duplicate]

I’m 19 and working as a stripper part time right now and I make 60k a year, and I plan on doing so for the next 7 years. I have 15k saved up, but it’s just in a bank account. I’m also in college ...
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How can I invest $3000/month to gain financial independence in 15 years, with current living expenses at $1300/month? [duplicate]

Like the title says. My wife and I save 3100 dollars monthly. What are your suggestions on investing to reach financial independence in max 15 years? Our living costs are around 1300 dollars a month.
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How to save as much money as possible from my salary? [duplicate]

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How to plan investment and retire at an age of 45? [duplicate]

I am a recent grad who just began working for a 'big 4' software engineering firm. I earn a good salary and I would like to invest 75% of it efficiently so that I can retire early at age 45. ...
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No debt. Any advice where to invest saved money and what to invest in after maxing out 401k? [duplicate]

My situation: I'm 24, single, and I live with my parents in the United States I have no debt and I have 100k in a savings account I have a 90k job I am currently maxing out my 401k I have no ...
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I have 25,000 in savings and I want to invest, but I don't know where to start [duplicate]

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How should I prioritize my savings between enlarging my emergency fund, saving for retirement, and saving up for a down payment on a house (financial aspects of buying vs renting aside, I would prefer ...
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