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Just want to ask if my bank account is safe by giving out my account number? [duplicate]

Hello good afternoon hope you can help me, Is my bank account is safe? I give my account number to someone whom I don't know as he has to give me money? Now I am wondering because he has stopped ...
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Personal checks containing entire account number [duplicate]

I noticed that when I login to my bank account online I have to type my password twice in order to see my full checking account number. Then I was writing a check and noticed the entire account number ...
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How safe are withdrawals made using checking account number and routing number? [USA] [duplicate]

I am new to the US banking system and it makes me wonder how easily third parties like can withdraw money from your checking account with only the account number and routing number. I ...
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I am an EU resident being contacted about stock I own in a defunct company by a supposedly US based lawyer, is this a scam?

I am based in the EU, so I have very little knowledge of how the US legal system works. I have been contacted by a "law firm" in the US about a financial issue: a company in which I own a small ...
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Tenant wants to pay rent with EFT

I live in Kentucky, USA. I rent out a house in Alabama, USA. My tenant wants to pay rent using electronic funds transfer rather than by mailing a check. This makes it easier for him to get my payment ...
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3% personal loan online. Is this a scam?

Individual offering a 3% loan, any amount, any length of repay time. Requires no collateral, no signature, everything done online. Information I'm required to supply: Name Country City Address Gender ...
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Is it really risky to make your IBAN public?

It seems that people are reluctant to give their IBAN to strangers. I saw someone downvoting an app only because it shows the IBAN in clear on the main screen. Is this rational? What could someone ...
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How to withdraw money given only account information (account number/routing number/etc.)

It's not safe to give out your bank account number since it allows people to withdraw money. But if it's so easy, what's the easy process? i.e. is it even legal (assuming you have permission)? And ...
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For which alterations on a personal check in the US does one need to initial?

For which alterations on a personal check in the US does one need to initial? Crossing out one's old address on a personal check is possible. Crossing out an outdated address is not necessary in the ...
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Getting payment from a moving sale via PayPal or by Bank of America account?

I am doing moving sale. A person who bought some of my stuff asked me if I have account with PayPal or Bank of America? I told him no, because I really don't. Later I tried to understand how PayPal ...
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Any risk in providing bank account number routing number along with name and DOB? [duplicate]

I applied to a remote job on indeed North America (job listing had Louisville, KY as location), and overnight , without interview, they gave me an offer letter saying I was selected and I'll be a part ...
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Is there such thing as a Checking account requiring pre-approval / white-list?

Since account numbers are re-useable for fraudulent transactions, anyone you write a check to has the opportunity to print their own check with your account number on it. One way to help reduce the ...
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ACH Direct Debit Blocking (fraud protection, security)

How can I setup a bank account in the US that can receive ACH credits but block all ACH debits? I have a bank account for my business that has an ACH routing and account number, so that my customers ...
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Should I tell my broker representative my bank routing and account number?

I am trying to add my bank account to my brokerage account via their web interface. It is not working because I have a non-traditional phone number as my contact number, and the webpage refuses to ...
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Bank Accounts Questions [closed]

I have a few questions regarding bank accounts What is the main difference between savings and checking account? Will I be able to use my saving accounts to perform transactions online? (Pay or ...
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