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Should I charge my children interest when they borrow money? [closed]

My children (both male, ages 25, soon to be married, & 32, married) have borrowed money from me and my wife on several occasions. They have yet to pay us back what they borrowed. We have never ...
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Would it make sense to take a loan from a relative to pay off student loans?

Together my wife and I have about $80,000 in student loans. My mother in law is in the process of selling her house. We proposed the idea of borrowing ~$50000 from her, once she sells, so that we ...
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Should you co-sign a personal loan for a friend/family member? Why/why not?

I know someone who was recently asked to co-sign a hefty loan by a family member. I don't know what I'd do if I was put in the same position as the one asked. What are the risks? What are things to ...
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Is this investment opportunity problematic?

I recently got an email from a close friend of mine, that goes something like this: We're looking to sell our rental house and buy a new one. We found one we like, but the housing market is very ...
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What do you do when a family member won't pay you back?

What do you do when a family member won't pay you back?
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What considerations are there for making investments on behalf of a friend?

I've thought of two approaches so far: Pool their money into my own brokerage account and simply split the gains/losses proportional to the amount of money that we've each contributed to the account. ...
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Can I cosign a car loan up to a limited amount?

Can a person co-sign a car loan up to a specific amount, less than the full value of the loan? Article says that "You’re actually committing to be 100% responsible for that debt". For example, ...
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I'd like to loan my son and daughter-in-law money to pay off credit card and student loan debt

I'd like to loan my son and daughter-in-law money to pay off credit card and student loan debt. Total is 40k. I want to avoid tax problems and they would be responsible to repay or repay upon their ...
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Which jurisdictions levy a tax on depositum irregulare?

Depositum irregulare arises when a person deposits a certain amount of money or goods to be temporarily kept by another person, who is obliged to return the same amount and type of money or goods, but ...
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Personal loan to a friend procedure

I see a few questions on this topic, but I am more concerned with the procedure and best practices. If I give this person the money first (~$10,000), can I still have them sign a promissory note/loan ...
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