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I'm supposedly eligible for an inheritance from a distant relative. Offer appears to be legitimate

About 12 months ago, I received a letter ostensibly from a company carrying out genealogical research for law firms. It said that they were dealing with the estate of someone who had left money to my ...
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Ghana scam and direct deposit scam?

My father has been talking to a girl who calls herself Linda Owusu. She claims to be from Germany and living in the US away from her son. She recently found out that her father has left her with a ...
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Sugar daddy wants me to apply for a credit card so he can link me to his company account. Suspicious or am I being paranoid? [duplicate]

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Will I get in trouble for sharing my bank account information with a sugar daddy? [duplicate]

A sugar daddy messaged me on Instagram. I was having a hard time so I responded, and he said he would send me money and didn’t expect anything in return. He then he asked for my bank account info ...
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Am I being scammed by a sugar daddy who wants me to buy wallet cards and forward paypal money? [duplicate]

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Can I be arrested for not returning money someone else deposited in my bank account?

Someone sent me a check willingly for $4800 and now they want it back because I refused to send it to other people after it was sent in fear of me being involved in crime. And said I scammed them and ...
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Sugar daddy bitcoin scam? [duplicate]

I met a sugar daddy online who claims he cannot use cashapp or paypal to compensate me and can only use bitcoins. I made a coinbase account and now he is asking for my coinbase login so he can "load ...
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Bitcoin sugar daddy — is it a scam? [duplicate]

A guy on Instagram wants to be my sugar daddy and send me money through bitcoin. We've only been talking for about a week and he hasn't asked for any of my info. He just asked to sign up for a ...
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i think im being scammed by a sugar daddy [duplicate]

so i'm female 18 and i was looking on a website for a sugar daddy, i started talking to one and we moved to texting, he then asked for my banking info which i turned down and asked if he used paypal. ...
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Is this a scam? [duplicate]

I have recently found some sugar daddy’s saying there will help me financially they state that they will give me a weekly allowance if I’m loyal but once I send my PayPal link they say that to ...
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What do I do if a sugar daddy who sent me money is asking for money back or threatening me with FBI asking he needs a $1000 to pay off his workers? [duplicate]

I’m confused on what to do. Recently, I was talking to a guy who came to me first on Snapchat wanting me to be his sugar baby and I agreed. Long story short, he told me he would be giving me an ...
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Am I in a sugar momma scam? What’s should I do in my situation? [duplicate]

I was approached through direct message by a female account on Instagram (which seemed to be catfished) saying that she is a “sugar mummy” willing to pay $300 weekly for a sugar baby. “She” basically ...
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How do "cash giveaway" scams on Twitter work? [duplicate]

I noticed that some people are giving away cash to "first 500 to re-tweet this" or something like that. Sometimes it looks legitimate, e.g., the account is verified, old, and has real ...
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Sugar mama threatening to send someone to kill and blackmail me. Is it a scam? [duplicate]

I will admit I am ashamed at what I did, and a little anxious, but I’ll also share this in hopes that someone will either learn from this, or that someone will know what to do (or even give advice). I ...
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Sugar Daddy/Bank Help [duplicate]

I met this guy on Twitter who was interested in a sugar baby with someone to speak with, get to know, etc. He lives in IL apparently and I’m in the east coast. Initially he wanted me to buy a $200 GC ...
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