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So basically, I was really desperate when I met this guy. I'm 18. He says he's in Canada right now, and will be back on the 23rd. When he isn't talking about money, he's been really upfront, honest, ...
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Will I get in trouble for sharing my bank account information with a sugar daddy? [duplicate]

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Am I being scammed by a sugar daddy who wants me to buy wallet cards and forward paypal money? [duplicate]

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Sugar Daddy/Bank Help [duplicate]

I met this guy on Twitter who was interested in a sugar baby with someone to speak with, get to know, etc. He lives in IL apparently and I’m in the east coast. Initially he wanted me to buy a $200 GC ...
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Sugar daddy allowance with Bitcoin [duplicate]

I met guys online as sugar daddies without sugar. I have never given my bank password but some guys request that I buy Google Play gift cards and I answered I wouldn’t use my cash for it. The guy said ...
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Sugar daddy asked me to send $29 to his account manager's PayPal [duplicate]

This is the first time I've used a sugar daddy site and I have little idea what I'm doing. I was smart enough to set up a PayPal account so he wouldn't have any of my personal information. He set an ...
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Bitcoin sugar daddy — is it a scam? [duplicate]

A guy on Instagram wants to be my sugar daddy and send me money through bitcoin. We've only been talking for about a week and he hasn't asked for any of my info. He just asked to sign up for a ...
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Am I in a sugar momma scam? What’s should I do in my situation? [duplicate]

I was approached through direct message by a female account on Instagram (which seemed to be catfished) saying that she is a “sugar mummy” willing to pay $300 weekly for a sugar baby. “She” basically ...
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Sugar daddy bitcoin scam? [duplicate]

I met a sugar daddy online who claims he cannot use cashapp or paypal to compensate me and can only use bitcoins. I made a coinbase account and now he is asking for my coinbase login so he can "load ...
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i think im being scammed by a sugar daddy [duplicate]

so i'm female 18 and i was looking on a website for a sugar daddy, i started talking to one and we moved to texting, he then asked for my banking info which i turned down and asked if he used paypal. ...
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On creating a new bank account for "sugar payments" [duplicate]

Recently, I became a sugar baby and found a daddy who wants me to create a new bank account for him to send money to. He doesn’t want to use a cash app because he has been scammed in the past. Is ...
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Sugar momma asking for bank details [duplicate]

So this lady hit me up on Instagram and asked if I’d maybe be interested in being her sugar baby. We talked a bit but she wants my bank login and password. I asked for picture proof and she sent a ...
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Is this a Sugar daddy Bitcoin scam or not? [duplicate]

I’ve been talking to this acclaimed “sugar daddy” and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a scam. He hasn’t asked for any bank info or any other private information. He told me that my fee for receiving ...
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Is this a scam? [duplicate]

I have recently found some sugar daddy’s saying there will help me financially they state that they will give me a weekly allowance if I’m loyal but once I send my PayPal link they say that to ...
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How do "cash giveaway" scams on Twitter work? [duplicate]

I noticed that some people are giving away cash to "first 500 to re-tweet this" or something like that. Sometimes it looks legitimate, e.g., the account is verified, old, and has real ...
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