Where can I track which stock has been swapped for another, and at which ratio? Below three swaps that happened in the past years:

  • SolarCity (SCTY) stock got swapped for Tesla stock (TSLA).
  • Whole Foods Market (WFM) got swapped for Amazon stock (AMZN).
  • LinkedIn (LNKD) got swapped for Microsoft stock (MSFT).
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    I don't remember the others off the top of my head but Amazon paid cash for Whole Foods. WFM shareholders didn't receive AMZN shares they received dollars.
    – quid
    Aug 22 '18 at 1:58
  • Do you have access to Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters or CAPITAL IQ?
    – Thomas
    Aug 22 '18 at 9:51
  • aren't you essentially looking for a list of recent mergers and the subset of them that result in at least part of the transaction being a stock swap? what is the purpose of gathering the list and the details? Aug 22 '18 at 10:11

The category is called Mergers & Acquisitions. There are numerous web sites that provide such information. For example, the Online Investor provides a running list of the most recent 100 of them with a link to the details.


You can also monitor the Delisted list at the major stock exchanges. For example, theNASDAQ posts a page daily list of them. Under the column "Reason" you would look for "Acquisition/Merger"


If you want historical lists by the year, Google: "Mergers & Acquisitions Wiki 2017". Change the year as necessary.

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