I'm trying to figure out what is the meaning of the percentage value (comparing to 24-hours before?) and the small last digit?

TradingView Watchlist Screen


The percent change refers to the current price versus the price 24 hours ago.

For the first one (USDTRY), the quote is 5.7082 and is up 0.1639 or 2.96%. Because they are rounding the percent gain to 2 decimals, there's a small error introduced. The actual gain is 2.9562%.

To determine yesterday's price:

5.7082 / (1+.029562) = 5.5443

Today's gain is 5.7082 - 5.5443 or 0.1639 (up 2.9562 %) or 2.96% when rounded.

I don't know what the small last digit notation represents.


The percentage refers to the difference between previous day close and current day close. It’s based on 1D timeframe not 24h

  • That would be true if this weren't the FX market which is a continuous market an only opens and closes once a week. I made the same mistake at first glance at the question BTW. – MD-Tech Nov 5 '18 at 8:35

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