I've a question related to filing ITR - whether I've to file ITR1 or ITR2. Below is my scenario.

I'm a salaried employee and I hold a Form-16 for FY1718. During FY1718, I bought few shares which I'm still holding and never performed sell transaction on any of them. Also, I've invested in MF targeted for one year which is yet to complete. Since I did not perform the sell operation either in stocks or in MF, shall I consider filing ITR1 instead of ITR2.

Please share your inputs.


Yes. You can file ITR1. Only if you have capital gains or other items with different rate of tax, you are required to file ITR2


In my case also, I have bought stocks in financial year ending March 2018. In that financial year didnt sold any stocks. So, I was also having same confusion regarding filing ITR's. I consulted a known CA, and told whole case. He asked me to file ony ITR-1. I did filed. Income tax dept processed it and I got me refund back also.

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