I am looking around to find when a particular company has stopped trading actively or when it went private in US stock exchanges. How can I find this information?

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EDGAR should have what you need for US companies. For example, searching for Rackspace (which went private in 2016) then clicking CIK 0001107694 will get you all of Rackspace's filings, including the Definitive proxy statement relating to merger or acquisition on 2016-09-30 and the last 10-Q on 2016-11-09, and subsequently the Securities registration termination [Section 12(b)] on 2016-11-14.

You can search EDGAR by form type, as long as the date you are looking for is after 1994. See this search which gets Rackspace's filing, and note that you can also wildcard the search fields. Note that you're limited to 4000 results returned, so how you search will depend on your data. This search gets all 15-12(b) terminations in the last decade.

You won't get more accurate information for US companies anywhere, and AFAIK you won't get better search capabilities or slice and dice without paying for it.

  • thanks for the information,by any chance do we have any source from where we can download all the delisted stocks and their filing dates because i have around 1000 plus companies in my list for which i am trying to get the delisting dates
    – user31737
    Commented Jun 22, 2018 at 15:59
  • @user31737 I've added some information that should get you what you want pretty easily, but without knowing what your data looks like, or what your budget is, or how much time you're willing to spend on this, it's difficult to get more specific.
    – David
    Commented Jun 22, 2018 at 16:39

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