For Societe Generale Analysts had expected net profit of €811.5m on net banking income of €6.47bn.

Why are they so different?

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You may find it helpful to read Wikipedia's article on an Income Statement. You asked about analysts' expectations, but I'll answer based on the actual income statement, since that's more relevant to the underlying question.

Essentially, their reported "net banking income" does not have operating expenses or taxes taken out of it yet (or various adjustments that they perform), whereas "net profit" does.

For Q1 2018, Société Générale reported Net banking income of €6.29 Billion. They had operating expenses of €4.73 Billion, leaving Gross operating income of €1.56 billion. They have various adjustments they make (-€208+1+16 million), and have to pay taxes of €370, leaving a total net income of €1.00 Billion (€154 million of which is attributable to non-controlling interests).


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