I am going to travel to Asia, to Thailand and Indonesia among other countries (yet undecided). I am traveling from Denmark and have a Danish bank account - but also a Swedish one since I'm originally from Sweden. I am traveling with my girlfriend, and perhaps my brother, located in London.

My question is which bank is best to use, and how do we best handle money transfers? I know from experience that you lose a large percentage from international bank transfers, so I would like to avoid that.

Does my nationality or the country I live in make a difference in the services I can use?

Are there other services than banks that can lower the cost of having money on travel - like credit cards or newer transfer services?

Edit We will be traveling for at least two months.

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You havent indicated the duration of your visit.
The best way to do this is carry GBP. Exchange this into local currencies in the Thailand/Indonesia. Do not convert at Airport as the rates are bad. Go around shopping for rates. Most of the malls have tons of delears, bargain hard to get a good price.

For hotel stay, most of the hotels in Thailand/Indonesia charge you a USD rate for room. You can check with them, if so its better to get a Pre-paid USD card or even if you swipe your regular card, you would get a decent rate for USD-GBP.

The other option to make hotel payments is using Travellers cheques.

  • Thanks for your answer, Dheer. I updated the question, mentioning that we will travel for at least 2 months, however no more than a month per country.
    – Calle
    Jul 16, 2011 at 6:35

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