I am going to travel to Asia, to Thailand and Indonesia among other countries (yet undecided). I am traveling from Denmark and have a Danish bank account - but also a Swedish one since I'm originally from Sweden. I am traveling with my girlfriend, and perhaps my brother, located in London.

My question is which bank is best to use, and how do we best handle money transfers? I know from experience that you lose a large percentage from international bank transfers, so I would like to avoid that.

Does my nationality or the country I live in make a difference in the services I can use?

Are there other services than banks that can lower the cost of having money on travel - like credit cards or newer transfer services?

Edit We will be traveling for at least two months.


You havent indicated the duration of your visit.
The best way to do this is carry GBP. Exchange this into local currencies in the Thailand/Indonesia. Do not convert at Airport as the rates are bad. Go around shopping for rates. Most of the malls have tons of delears, bargain hard to get a good price.

For hotel stay, most of the hotels in Thailand/Indonesia charge you a USD rate for room. You can check with them, if so its better to get a Pre-paid USD card or even if you swipe your regular card, you would get a decent rate for USD-GBP.

The other option to make hotel payments is using Travellers cheques.

  • Thanks for your answer, Dheer. I updated the question, mentioning that we will travel for at least 2 months, however no more than a month per country. – Calle Jul 16 '11 at 6:35

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