I'm switching to a new benefits provider, Sequoia One, so I need to fill out my W-4 and DE 4 again. At my previous provider, I filed as Single, whereas I'd actually like to file as Head of Household for the year. In order to prevent overwithholding, I'd like to use Worksheet C, where you calculate the amount to be withheld monthly, rather than specifying a number of allowances.

However, Sequoia One's web form is not allowing me to leave the Worksheet A and B rows blank here is the web form:

enter image description here

and here is a snippet of the DE 4 form it 'compiles' to:

enter image description here

The form clearly states that you should fill out one OR the other, whereas the web form only allows you to fill out both.

Is the DE 4 form thus generated not ambiguous? I want to prevent getting too much withholding or the California government 'misinterpreting' the form.

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