The article I am referring to doesn't seem to display the exact date. I was wondering if there was some way to find out? I don't know very much in terms of the FDA and I am looking to get into trading pharmaceuticals.



The FDA press release in your link has the date near the top of the page. You could also obtain it by Googling "Gilenya Novartis". My trading platform indicated that the news release was at 4:32 PM yesterday so it was in the after market (and NVS then rose 45 cents).

You can sign up for FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) email updates. I don't know if they post their announcements in a timely fashion on their web site. You're likely to pick them up a lot faster with real time news but you'd have to be aware which clinical trial verdicts and drug approvals were pending and that entails a bit of leg work to track them as well as access to real time news with symbol alerts.

Be aware that clincial trials and approval/denial verdicts can be binary events for smaller pharma/bio companies with small product lines. For larger ones like Novartis, much less so. If you're going to trade after a news release, you're going to have to be very disciplined if it's during after hours since low liquidity enhances volatility and you can't afford to be the deer in the headlights.

Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advice. Because Novartis already had a reaction in the after market. Does that mean it is less likely to have a reaction to the fda approval the next time the stock market opens? I don't know much about pre-market and after market so thanks for pointing that out as well. – Mr Gibbous May 13 '18 at 9:23
  • How can I get access to real time news? Just google? or is there some paid service. My broker doesn't offer news. I was considering switching to suretrader. – Mr Gibbous May 13 '18 at 9:26
  • Googling "Gilenya novartis" led me to their article which also didn't post the exact time of day(only the day). Is the only way to reliably get the exact time the news is released in this case from a broker? – Mr Gibbous May 13 '18 at 9:30
  • Sorry for so many comments :D – Mr Gibbous May 13 '18 at 9:30

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