I am based in the UK and as such, I am required to report my tax affairs to HMRC.

I am currently completed a P11D Form (End of Year Expenses and Benefits Forms 2017-18) and I have come across the terms:

  • Cost to you or Amount Forgone (£)
  • Amount made good or from which tax deducted (£)
  • Taxable payment or Relevant Amount (£)

What exactly do these mean? I have all of my Expenses details to hand but not sure what goes into each box so to speak. I can see that Taxable payment or Relevant Amount (£) auto populates, based on the other two's entries.

Any help, on this matter, would be greatly appreciated.


Have a look at the p11d guide. http://jamescowperkreston.co.uk/downloads/Payroll/p11d_guide_2017_12_16.pdf

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    Link only answers may rot over time. Please add a quote that has the relevant explanation from the source. – mhoran_psprep May 11 '18 at 10:22

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