I work freelance for clients, in other countries, and paid via Paypal and other methods. When I applied for a credit card in my country, it was rejected.

They mention as I don't get a salary and I don't own any business they can't provide me with a credit card.

I know many people who make half as much as I do but have credit cards because they have full time jobs in companies and have salary accounts.

I need a credit card to buy things online because my Debit card doesn't work at many places online and Net banking is also not available at every site for shopping.

How can I get a credit card?


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Typically Banks look for a steady source of income or savings based on which they issue a credit card. If you can't show that build a cash balance and show it.
For Example if you have an PPF account with say SBI, they issue you a card with a limit of around 50% of the balance in PPF. No other documentation is required.
Similarly if you have Fixed Deposits for a large amount quite a few Banks would give you a Credit Card. My wife has a credit card because she had a good balance [around 100,000 INR] for around a year, the Bank kept calling her and offered her a card.

  • +1 OK. Then First I will have to collect Big amount. But i fill my Income tax. Can it be helpful to get credit card? Jul 1, 2011 at 12:45
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    Yes, Quite a few Banks would consider your IT returns for past 3 years to arrive at your income and would grant you a card on the basis on that.
    – Dheer
    Jul 1, 2011 at 18:03

The OP might have obtained his credit card by now but I'm answering now as there is one more easy way to get a credit card. All major Indian banks like SBI, ICICI, HDFC and Axis issue instant credit cards on opening a FD (Fixed Deposit).

For instance ICICI offers one for FD amount of as less as ₹20000. The credit limit on such cards will be 85% of the deposit amount. Another advantage of these kind of cards is customer won't be charged any annual fees and at the same time interest will be paid on original FD.


I don't know about India, but here in the US banks, and more friendly institutions such as credit unions, use to offer the option of a 'secured' credit card where the card was secured by placing a lock on money in a savings account equal to the credit limit on the card.

So for example, if you had $1500 in savings, you could have them lock say $1000, which you would not be able to withdraw from savings, in return for a credit card account with a credit limit of $1000. Typically you still earned interest on the full amount of the savings, you were just limited to having to maintain a minimum balance in that account of $1000.

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