I live in the United States. My sister spent 3 months working here last summer, and is due a tax refund which she has requested by check. To reduce the risk of the check going missing in the mail, she is having the check mailed to my US address rather than her European one.

How can it be cashed given that she lives in Europe?

She is visiting me in May but it is unlikely the check will arrive by then. I was Googling options for me cashing the check into my account and then transferring her the money, but this seems impossible without her signature on the check. Are there better options than:

(1) Me mailing her the check, having her sign it, sending it back to me, me cashing it, and then transferring her the money.

(2) Me mailing her the check and then she figuring out how to get a European bank to take it (if possible?)

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    I'm assuming from your wording that she has already filed her return. Why do you think it is unlikely that the check will arrive by May? Unless it's gotten noticably slower since the days when I got paper checks for refunds, 6 weeks is the max, 4 is more usual. – jamesqf Apr 5 '18 at 19:11
  • I'm not sure what your filling status has been, but when filling as a non-resident it can be incredibly slow. My 2014 return took so long that I recieved my refund three weeks after I received my 2015 refund! – James Fennell Apr 5 '18 at 20:48

If you mail it on to her, she can sign it and deposit it in her European bank. They may take six weeks to process it and charge a fee for the foreign exchange, but it can be done.

Alternatively, she can sign it over to you, you can deposit it in your US bank, and send her the money, assuming the treasury check is not crossed to the payee only.

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