What commission will I be charged if I trade US options from Canada using Interactive Brokers ?

Details of my question below :

My question has 2 scenarios

  1. Options for Stocks
  2. Options for ETFs

For both the scenarios : I trade less than 10,000 contracts a month with another broker (combined)

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Commissions at Interactive Brokers are based on the market you are trading not where you trade from. The basic rates are:

$ 0.005 USD/share for US stocks $ 0.010 CAD/share for CAD stocks.

Minimum commission is 1$.

These rates do not include exchange fees. The commission may be lower if you are adding liquidity and/or you are on their unbundled pricing structure. The same holds true for option commissions.

Cumulative volume on both markets contributes to the sliding scale commission rate.


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