During 2016, I have overestimated my state taxes; as a result, the state of California have issued a "tax refund warrant". This is what it looks like (with personal identifiers removed):

enter image description here

So, in general I really like the state of California; but we do dollar$ around these parts. How can I turn this piece of paper into numbers on my bank account, preferably digitally?


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Assuming that your CA Tax Warrants are registered warrants, per this CA Franchise Tax Board page you can redeem the warrants with the State Treasurer's Office:

Effective September 4, 2009, State of California registered warrants issued by the State Controller are redeemable.

In order to receive any interest earned when you redeem your registered warrant, use the address below to either present the warrant in person or mail it to the State Treasurer's Office.

Attention: Registered Warrant Desk State Treasurer's Office

915 Capitol Mall

Sacramento, CA 95814

According to this blog post, you can also:

  • Redeem at major banks
  • Pay other California tax bills

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