Note: I am an international student and receive a yearly 1042-S.

I got a fellowship in November 2017 but my University did not distribute the money until January 2018. Because I am an international student, federal and state taxes were taken out of the fellowship when it was distributed in January 2018.

- My 2017 1098-T includes the fellowship in Box #5.
- My 2018 1042-S will include the fellowship (it was not included in my 2017 1042-S).

I will need to claim a portion of the fellowship as income, do I:
1) Claim the portion in my 2017 taxes to match the 1098-T?
2) Claim the portion in my 2018 taxes to match the 1042-S?
3) Something else altogether?

Many thanks in advance for helping me --

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