I recently moved to Switzerland, and one of the businesses I have to pay monthly bills to gave me two options (in addition to manual monthly transfers): "CH-DD" and "LSV+". As far as I can tell, both have the same properties: I give them a signed authorization once, then money is automatically transferred from my account every month; I have 30 days to contest the charges, and if my account has insufficient funds I receive a paper bill for the same amount instead, to be paid manually. So what's the difference between the two? Is there any reason I should choose one over the over? I asked around and nobody knew.


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The CH-DD is a direct debit facility offered by "PostFinance" on accounts held there. PostFinance is essentially a subsidiary of Swiss Post that is into banking. Most people in Swiss would have an Bank Account with PostFinance. If you do, it gives you better ability to manage the direct debits. [Other Banks may also give you similar facilities, but sure]

The LSV+ is a generic Direct Debit facility offered by most Banks in Swiss. If you don't have a Bank Account with PostFinance, you will have only LSV+

Your Businesses is holding an account with PostFinance and using their services to collect Direct Debits; [rather than banking with a bank]. Hence they are able to offer both CH-DD if you hold an account there or LSV+ if you hold account elsewhere.

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