A lot of smaller merchants use using Paypal checkout now. While I prefer to pay for everything with a credit card to get rewards, Paypal doesn't prefer that and makes me manually update each payment to switch the primary funding source from the default of my bank account.

If I remove the bank account entirely, does that affect how I can use Paypal in general? Will it default to the credit card as primary funding source then?


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I removed the bank account because I couldn't change the default, and now it uses my credit card as the default. I haven't noticed any downsides.

I think Paypal is just trying to save paying credit card transaction fees. But I don't much like their user-hostile method of doing so, personally. Most cards kick back some of those fees to cardholders via rewards. If Paypal wants us to use a bank account maybe they should consider giving out an incentive instead of making us do annoying extra clicks on every purchase!

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