I live, work, and pay my taxes in the UK. My wife is:

  • an Italian citizen
  • living in the UK
  • working remotely for an Italian company, and
  • paying her taxes in Italy.

Can she request a NINO and open an ISA? I have maxed out my ISA allowance and would find it useful to start using hers, if she is entitled to have one.


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Yes if she is a UK resident.


Who can open an ISA You must be:

  • 16 or over for a cash ISA
  • 18 or over for a stocks and shares or innovative finance ISA
  • 18 or over but under 40 for a Lifetime ISA
  • resident in the UK

Rules for UK residence:


You’re automatically resident if either:

  • you spent 183 or more days in the UK in the tax year

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