I had come to US for my masters and have an SSN. I would be returning back to India.

  1. Can I trade US stocks from India using my US stock brokerage(TD Ameritrade) ?

  2. When I pay taxes to IRS can I take deductions for my home office in India beacuse that is where I work.

  • Why would he even need to pay any taxes to IRS in that case?
    – Pavel P
    Commented Jun 2, 2018 at 19:13

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Pretty sure that #1 is true. I've never had difficulties trading from every country I travel to. There is a short list of countries that are not allowed - such as Cuba, Syria, etc. Nowhere a good VPN can't get around. Once you have an account, the trading company doesn't really care as long as you're not breaking laws.

As for #2, it's probably not worth the paperwork. And the answer is probably no.

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