Risk Grades' free website (riskgrades.com) is closing 6-30-11. Do you know of a similar site that allows the user to enter several ticker symbols (funds or stocks) and obtain a graph showing relative return and risk? Thanks, George


Have you looked at the www.sinkorswim.com desktop/web application? I opened a "virtual" account with them and started using it. Don't fill out all of the registration forms, all that is needed is the username/password info.

The software is very powerful and does complex analytics. (look under the "Application Tools" tab for list of software features). And to specifically address your question, they have risk analysis built into the sofware (see screen shot).

I would also recommend trying either of these tools from SamoaSky. I haven't used them much, but they are worth 20 minutes to see if they are what you're looking for.

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