I'm using google finance in one of my sheets and it is returning slightly different values for open and close when stocks are not traded on that day.

eg. sunday

=INDEX(GoogleFinance("AMZN", "open", date(2018,1,7),1,1),2,2)) gives 1236.000


=INDEX(GoogleFinance("AMZN", "close", date(2018,1,7),1,1),2,2)) gives 1246.870

The googlefinance() function returns a table of values, beginning with the date you specify. You have specified for it to return 1 day of values (num_days attribute = 1), but because the date you specified (1/7/2018) has no data, the 1 day it has returned is the next available day, 1/8/2018. This is apparent if you remove the INDEX() wrapper function and allow the googlefinance() function to show its full returned value:

=GoogleFinance("AMZN", "open", date(2018,1,7),1,1)

Google sheets googlefinance example


Seems like something is off with the dates, because the prices you have shown are the same as per 8 Jan 2018:


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