I read on https://www.connectyourcare.com/assets/U133A-Transportation-Benefits.pdf (mirror):

For tax years beginning after January 1, 2018, the IRS allows up to $260 a month pre-tax for commuter costs [...].

In 2017, that amount was 255 USD.

Through my employer, I may purchase commuter checks (which qualify for commuter costs) each month via https://www.flexcommute.com. On the website, when ordering commuter checks, I see today (2017-12-04):

  • Benefit Month: January 2018
  • Order by Sunday, December 10, 2017

which means I have till Sunday, December 10, 2017 to order commuter checks fo January 2018. However, in practice I sometime receive these commuter checks before January 2018, in which case the validity date may also be before January 2018.

Can I order 255 USD or 260 USD pre-tax today (2017-12-04)?

  • Mostly with taxes, the date of the transaction determines the tax year of the transaction. Have you used this month's/years' benefit? If not, put it on this year and shrug away the difference. The $660 you save in actual taxes due over the year dwarfs the $1 you don't save during this one month.
    – Xalorous
    Dec 4 '17 at 21:18
  • @Xalorous Thanks. What is the date of the transaction? When I order the checks? When my bank account is charged for it? When I receive the checks? Some other date? Dec 4 '17 at 21:20
  • 1
    The financial transaction I would say occurs when your account is charged. Of course I'm basing this opinion on common sense, not on tax laws. LOL.
    – Xalorous
    Dec 4 '17 at 21:24
  • @Xalorous Thanks, they can indeed be different :-) let's see if someone has some legal insight. Dec 27 '17 at 20:23

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