As a buyer, if a private appraisal should be performed on residential real-estate prior to purchase, what criteria should be considered when selecting the appraiser, and how can someone locate and evaluate the required information about competing appraisers efficiently?

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    I think this is quite location-specific. Are you in the US? I know the customs and practices around real estate are quite different between the US and the UK, so if I wrote a (UK-based) answer to your question it probably wouldn't help you. Could you add a country tag, edit the question, or comment to indicate where in the world you are? – Vicky Dec 5 '17 at 12:20

Usually when you buy a home, the mortgage company will send out a third-party neutral, and anonymous appraiser. This is to ensure that the appraisal is fair and objective. But I'm not a real estate expert. However, I would ask them questions like how many appraisals do they do? How long have they done it for? How many properties in the area have they appraised? Do they have the license? Are they well-known? Etc. etc.

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