I am looking for a ISA provider where I can invest in the UK and the US stock market, has anyone got a list with charges and links.

(ISA are only of interest to people that live in the UK)

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I can't provide a list, but when I took out my Stocks and Shares, I extensively researched for a good, cheap, flexible option and I went with FoolShareDealing. I've found them to be good, and their online trading system works well. I hope that's still the case.


Try fool.co.uk for getting more information about ISAs:

Everything You Need To Know About ISAs


http://www.moneysupermarket.com/shares/CompareSharesForm.asp lists many. I found the Interactive Investor website to be excruciatingly bad. I switched to TD Waterhouse and found the website good but the telephone service a bit abrupt. I often use the data presented on SelfTrade but don't have an account there.


I'm currently using Halifax.


  • Web interface is simple and fairly easy to use.
  • Share builder facility allows you to buy UK shares at very low commission (I think it's around £1.50) if you're OK with having your order placed at a prescribed time.
  • They don't require you to fill out any forms to purchase American shares.


  • Administration charge of between £25 and £100/year.
  • Because they don't require you to do any form-filling to buy American shares, I assume they must be deducting USA income tax from any dividends you might receive from those shares.

I'm might start using TD Waterhouse in future, as they claim to have no admin charge.


My go-to response whenever anyone asks me this is the Monevator table of platform fees. It looks a little complicated at first, but scroll past the table for a couple of paragraphs of useful info to help narrow down your search.

The general tone of the page is geared more towards investors in index funds, but the fees on share-dealing are right there in the table too. There are also special notes if there are discounts for frequent traders and that sort of thing, so not too much passive-investor elitism on show!

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