To my knowledge turnover in share market context is number of shares traded divided by total shares outstanding. But in this case the turnover is $42,919,227 denoted by $ sign other than a ratio, and I can't figure out how is this number calculated? Even I multiply lowest day price $6.67 with volume 6,696,258 I get $44,664,040 which is still larger than aforementioned turnover value. Thanks!


The Business Dictionary has three definitions of "turnover". When it comes to share dealing, the most likely one is the total value of shares traded on the stock exchange in a given period.

  • I think the OP's point is that while that is the "obvious" definition, the numbers don't seem to make sense. With a Turnover of $42,919,227 and a volume of 6,696,258 shares, the average price-per-share would be $6.41 (to 2dp), which is below the lowest price shown ($6.67). – TripeHound Oct 17 '17 at 7:24

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