To my knowledge turnover in share market context is number of shares traded divided by total shares outstanding. But in this case the turnover is $42,919,227 denoted by $ sign other than a ratio, and I can't figure out how is this number calculated? Even I multiply lowest day price $6.67 with volume 6,696,258 I get $44,664,040 which is still larger than aforementioned turnover value. Thanks!


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The Business Dictionary has three definitions of "turnover". When it comes to share dealing, the most likely one is the total value of shares traded on the stock exchange in a given period.

  • I think the OP's point is that while that is the "obvious" definition, the numbers don't seem to make sense. With a Turnover of $42,919,227 and a volume of 6,696,258 shares, the average price-per-share would be $6.41 (to 2dp), which is below the lowest price shown ($6.67).
    – TripeHound
    Commented Oct 17, 2017 at 7:24

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