I am a foreign national working in the US on a Visa. I will be visiting my home country this December, and transferring over to an H1-B Visa while there. The visa has been approved but I need to get it stamped at the US Embassy in my home country.

Now I have been working in the US for a couple of years now and have a fair amount of money (a few tens of thousands of dollars )saved up in my (Checking) bank account in the US. I also have a 401k with my employer.

Although highly unlikely, if the embassy refuses to stamp my visa I could be stuck outside the US with all my money in a bank account here. With no way to visit the bank in person, I am afraid I could lose all my life-earnings! What would be the best course of action to take assuming for generality these two scenarios:

a ) What would be the best actions to take before leaving to ensure that if I am unable to return, I can transfer my money out of the US?

b ) Assume that I take no action before leaving and then am unable to return to the US, what would my options be to access my money while outside the US?

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Online banking, including international wire transfers, works from (nearly) anywhere in the world; make sure to have it set up.

You can also give someone power of attorney (authorization to act in your name, the bank must accept him as you), if you have someone you trust enough; or if not, give a lawyer power of attorney. You can do that even after the fact, while you are out of the country; you would work with an international lawyer company.


You can remotely close the account and transfer the money out to your account in home country.

If you have netbanking you can also setup remittance service to your country

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