This question is in relation to the recent Equifax breach:

I'm less concerned about my credit card number being out there. That gets stolen and used by thieves on average at least twice a year. I've never had an issue getting this reversed. I'm also not concerned with SSN so much. A credit freeze is easy enough and not planning on using my credit for at least another year.

But, what is the real danger of having your checking / savings account number in the hands of criminals? It seems to me that actual paper check fraud in recent years isn't much of a thing. What are the electronic attack vectors possible when someone has your bank account number, routing number and bank name in addition to SSN? Let's assume I've already taken the social engineering precautions and changed passwords. I'm also a human firewall and it's highly unlikely anyone will gain information from phishing attempts, phone or email scams. What are the remaining risks to Bank numbers specifically?

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    Just off the top of my head, they can withdraw money from your account without your consent. Essentially, they pose as you online and withdraw your money. – Michael Sep 8 '17 at 23:07
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    your checking account number is on every single check you've ever written and checking/savings accounts aren't contained on your credit report... – quid Sep 9 '17 at 0:28
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    @Michael Have you done this recently? The "two random deposits" system was setup explicitly to prevent that sort of thing. And, if you have done it recently, maybe let me know what bank? :) – user1731 Sep 9 '17 at 3:16
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    @Michael OK, wow. Can you tell me which bank let you take the money w/o making two test deposits? They may also do some sort of name confirmation or other fraud checking. – user1731 Sep 9 '17 at 3:20
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    Your credit card is used fraudulently at least twice a year? You might want to rethink how and/or where you use it. I've used cards (debit and credit) online since some time in the late 1990s (which makes it going on two decades now) and don't think I've ever had a fraudulent transaction. – user Jan 17 '18 at 9:55

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