My problem is that I can't handle translations with fees using gnucash. For example, I have an account that represents my bank account. I'd like to withdrawal $100 and my bank will also charge me for $2.6. So the sum to descries is $102.6. Here is my split transaction with fees:

enter image description here


  1. Increase cash in a wallet
  2. Decrease cash on my bank my bank account
  3. Also decrease the same account ($2.6 fee)
  4. Got Imbalance-USD

So does the column action does not work and I should also create an account for all charges or I do something in a wrong way?


UDP: So i removed Imbalance via a new account:

enter image description here

I'm not sure that it is right solution, but ... probably it's okay.

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You're on the right track. Typically you start with the asset being withdrawn from - in this case I'd start with your bank account you made the withdrawal from - let's call it Assets:CurrentAssets:Checking.

In the Assets:CurrentAssets:Checking ledger, list the total withdrawal, including the fee in a split as follows:

Assets:CurrentAssets:Checking: decrease 102.60
    Assets:CurrentAssets:Cash: increase 100.00
    Expenses:Bank Service Charge: increase 2.60

That should be all that is required.... good luck.

Edit: you might get an Imbalance amount temporarily as you enter the split. You can either change that category to Bank Service Charge or delete it after you enter the 'Bank Service Charge' on a separate line in the split. Either way, it'll balance after that.

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