My query is regarding IFSC Code for Post Office Saving Bank. I tried to find everywhere including visiting the bank but they say they have no IFSC Code. Now as per the new income tax form (ITR 1) (AY 2017-18) I have to mention the total accounts held, the bank, account number and IFSC Code. If I do not enter IFSC Code it does not allow me to submit the form.

So what to do incase I have Post Office Saving Bank, how can I do my Efiling? Thanks.


As per my knowledge if you have saving account with post office you can only do transaction inter post office and that too electronic based.

I don’t think post office saving banks have IFSC now. India Post has got bank licence and will migrate its saving accounts into similar system like banking. India Post is not a part of payment and settlement system to make it simple to understand you don’t get a cheque book on Saving Ac in Post Office.

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