Is the asset allocation breakdown available for mutual funds ? For example , for the Fidelity Magellan fund (fmagx) I found following breakdowns :

Yahoo finance : https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/FMAGX/holdings?p=FMAGX displays the top 10 holdings which is 31% of fund but it does not display all holdings.

Morningstar doesn't appear to provide any level of holdings breakdown : http://portfolios.morningstar.com/fund/summary?t=fmagx&region=USA&culture=en-US


according to the SEC:

Shareholder Reports

A mutual fund and a closed-end fund respectively must provide shareholders with annual and semi-annual reports 60 days after the end of the fund’s fiscal year and 60 days after the fund’s fiscal mid-year. These reports contain updated financial information, a list of the fund’s portfolio securities, and other information. The information in the shareholder reports will be current as of the date of the particular report (that is, the last day of the fund’s fiscal year for the annual report, and the last day of the fund’s fiscal mid-year for the semi-annual report).

Other Reports

A mutual fund and a closed-end fund must file a Form N-Q each quarter and a Form N-PX each year on the SEC’s EDGAR database, although funds are not required to mail these reports to shareholders. Funds disclose portfolio holdings on Form N-Q. Form N-PX identifies specific proposals on which the fund has voted portfolio securities over the past year and discloses how the fund voted on each. This disclosure enables fund shareholders to monitor their funds’ involvement in the governance activities of portfolio companies.

which means that sixty days after the end of each quarter they will tell you what they owned 60 days ago. This makes sense; why would they want to tell the world what companies they are buying and selling.


The full holdings will be listed in the annual report of the fund, obviously the holdings would only be completely accurate as of the date of the reporting.

This is the most recent annual report for FMAGX. I got it from my Schwab research section under "All Fund Documents" but I'm sure you can find it other ways. When I use google to search for "fmagx annual report" this link was the first result.

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