I unfortunately filled my taxes using TurboTax as an International student twice and got money back before I found out it was incorrect for me to use that system.

I have not filled the 8843 form either because I did not know and it is August 2017!

What do I do?
Will this affect any potential applications such as an OPT application?

I need some help and advice.


To start with, I should mention that many tax preparation companies will give you any number of free consultations on tax issues — they will only charge you if you use their services to file a tax form, such as an amended return. I know that H&R Block has international tax specialists who are familiar with the issues facing F-1 students, so they might be the right people to talk about your specific situation.

According to TurboTax support, you should prepare a completely new 1040NR, then submit that with a 1040X. GWU’s tax department says you can submit late 8843, so you should probably do that if you need to claim non-resident status for tax purposes.


Read up on filing an "amended tax return". Essentially you'll fill out the entire return as it should have been originally, then fill out form 1040X stating what has changed (and pay the additional tax due if needed).

According to TurboTax's website, they have partnered with Sprintax for non-resident tax prep. I am not vouching for the service; just offering it as information.

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