I'm analyzing REITs and would like to look at the property holdings. If this information is not in the annual report, where else can I find it? Are there public available regulatory documents that need to be filed by the REIT on its holdings?


If it isn't in the offer document, the only other way is probably trawl through the net.

I just checked HANSTEEN on their website and got the properties they own in UK and Belgium.

Now if I check an ETF I can see they have quite a number of holdings, so you might need to trawl through their websites.

But are you sure you cannot find them in the annual statements. I checked one from SPG and their properties are listed there.

  • Thank you for forcing me to recheck. It was not in the annual report but there was a separate information statement on the website that had the details. – user423119 Jul 11 '17 at 20:03

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