Employer established a HSA and made a one time contribution of $750 per employee and spouse or dependent for total of $1500. Can employer withdraw moneys from employee's HSA debit card account? Say if you drop a dependent can they take back $750. Thanks

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    Usually, you can only drop a dependent for specific reasons. Why are you dropping a dependent?
    – Michael
    Jun 1, 2017 at 13:13
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    Just a guess here, but I don't think an employer can pull back the funds from your account unless it was deemed an error. I wouldn't call this an "error", but instead more like "changing their mind" once they have more information. So I would guess, no, they cannot take the money back from your account, but they could withhold the money from your future pay if they choose to.
    – TTT
    Jun 1, 2017 at 14:09

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According to this (page 3):

Excess and Erroneous Employer Contributions. Whether an employer can recoup excess contributions made to an HSA depends on the facts. If an employer makes contributions to an HSA on behalf of an individual who was never HSA-eligible, then, yes, the employer can correct the error and recoup any amounts contributed.

But as I had mentioned in my comments, you can only make changes in terms of add/dropping dependents under specific circumstances.

If you meet one of those criteria for dropping your dependent, then your employer probably won't deduct the $750 since it wasn't an error. It would be best to contact your HR department.

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