I have a US and Italian citizen and I live in Italy and pay taxes here.
Recently I worked for a US company as a freelancer providing a website update.
I sent them the invoice under my name but they are asking me to compile the the W-9 form.

I compiled the W-9 form this way:
- Name
- CHECKED Individual/sole proprietor
- Adress
- Social Security Number
- Signed.

Should I compile that form?
Do I have to pay tax in Italy and in US for that job?

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    As a US citizen, you need to file a tax return every year --- regardless of where you live. As a US citizen living abroad, you may have a reasonable foreign earned income exclusion which means you don't pay tax on the first USD ~100k of your foreign income. But you still need to file. – Peter K. Jun 28 '17 at 11:09

answer to: should i compile the W9 form - Yes. You need to fill W9 form as you are identified as US person. This form is for reporting your incomes against your tax identification number.

answer to : pay taxes in US and Italy This is a duplicate question. please see below story.

Great answer: If a US citizen works in Europe as a consultant, what are the tax consequences? https://money.stackexchange.com/a/8421/55816

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