I over contributed to my traditional IRA last year. This was then converted along with all my traditional IRAs into Roth IRAs in 2010. Then in 2011, I recharacterized the excess and earnings from Roth back to Traditional IRA and then did removal of excess contribution from my traditional IRA and used the excess as a 2011 contribution.

Now I'm doing my taxes and in Turbo-Tax, per their instructions, I manually entered a 1099-R for tax year 2011 with box 7 code P for the removal of excess distribution for the traditional IRA.

Now I'm stuck on the other part, the recharacterization of the excess and earnings from Roth to traditional. I tried to manually enter a 1099-R for tax year 2011 with box 7 code R for the recharacterization, but on form 8606-T, line 16 does not reflect the reduced conversion due to the recharacterization.

I put the total of the excess contribution and its earnings amount in both box 1 and 2a and checked 2b taxable amount not determined to be consistent with the 1099-R for 2010 that had the Roth conversion box 7 code 2 and I did not check box for total distribution.

Is this a bug in Turbo-Tax, or have I entered the second form 1099-R for 2011 incorrectly?

Please suggest how to resolve, I'd rather not just override line 16 of form 8606-T and have Turbo-Tax compute the value correctly.

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I'd ask this over at the TurboTax Live Community after you file for extensions. It seems to be frequented by people who work on the software and can tell you if it's a bug or not.

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