According to what I understand from SWIFT principles, the issuance time and date for a SWIFT instruction are held in the "Message Input Reference" (Also known as MIR in the SWIFT terminology), like here:

---------------------  Instance Type and Transmission --------------    
   Notification (Transmission) of Original sent to SWIFT (ACK)
   Network Delivery Status   : Network Ack
   Priority/Delivery         : Normal
   Message Input Reference   : 1624 170321________XXX_______461  
--------------------------- Message Header -------------------------         
   Swift Input                   : FIN 103 Single Customer Credt Transfer
   Sender   : ________XXX

Where 1624 is the time of issuance (16:24) and 170321 is the date of issuance (21st of March 2017).

Can someone confirm my assessment?


I think technically the MIR includes the date of issuance but not the time, see the references here. What you have there looks like a timestamp followed by the MIR.

If you look at this example from IBM they also show the input time as a separate field.

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