What do the below terms represent in a watchlist created by a user in Keat Pro X by Kotak Mahindra Securities?

enter image description here


I can only answer some of them, and not being specifically familiar with that trading screen there's some educated guesswork here.

But a fair number of these are common enough terms.

  • Bid Prc The current best bid price available from traders looking to buy the security. This would be the price you'd get if you sold your shares.
  • Bid Qty How many shares they're looking to at that price.
  • Ask Prc The current best asking price available from traders looking to sell the security. This is the price you'd pay to buy shares on the market.
  • Ask Qty How many shares are available at that price.
  • Open is the opening price to purchase shares when trading began that day.
  • High Prc, Low Prc The highest and lowest prices, respectively, seen during that trading day.
  • Close would probably be the last days closing price.
  • The arrows Whether the price has moved down or up (generally in relation to the last days closing price)

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