This is not a personal finance question, but I don't see a StackExchange site dedicated for business finance/accounting. So I'm asking it here.

I run a small business (LLC) and using QuickBooks for accounting. I filed the federal income tax return as "corporation", but I do not know in which account this should be recorded. I know income taxes are not considered expenses, but I do not know where to record this so as to tally the bank account and QuickBooks. Any help or pointers is appreciated.

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Federal income taxes are indeed expenses, they're just not DEDUCTIBLE expenses on your 1120. Federal Income Tax Expense is usually a subcategory under Taxes. This is one of the items that will be a book-to-tax difference on Schedule M-1.

I am presuming you are talking about a C corporation, as an S corporation is not likely to be paying federal taxes itself, but would pass the liability through to the members. If you're paying your personal 1040 taxes out of an S-corporation bank account, that's an owner's draw just like paying any of your personal non-business expenses.

I would encourage you to get a tax professional to prepare your corporate tax returns. It's not quite as simple as TurboTax Business makes it out to be. ;)


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