My apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this, but it is financing nomenclature. I didn't find this question anywhere on SE, and I have been dissatisfied with Google results.

I have heard several pronunciations of the acronym CAGR:

  • Rhymes with bagger
  • Keh-gar or cay-gar (almost like kegger)
  • Rhymes with jogger

It seems that regardless of pronunciation, people understand via context, but I was curious if there is a correct way.

  • Why is the pronunciation is of any concern ? Just spell out the letters as C.A.G.R. Most acronyms have no official pronunciations. – DumbCoder Jan 13 '17 at 17:26
  • 1
    @DumbCoder I strongly disagree that there are no official pronunciations. Perhaps official in this usage is strong, but certainly there are commonly accepted pronunciations. You are confusing acronyms with initialisms. I have only heard NASA or SCUBA or ASAP pronounced a single way. This has not been the case with the acronym CAGR, in my experience. – M D Jan 13 '17 at 18:23
  • Financial columnist Morgan Housel wondered the same thing. – Ben Miller Jan 13 '17 at 18:24
  • people understand via context You just said this. So the relevance of CAGR is with context so it doesn't hinder you if you pronounce it any way possible. As @JoeTaxpayer mentioned I have also never heard it being spelled as a word on any of the business channels I have seen. – DumbCoder Jan 16 '17 at 9:02

I always hear people pronounce it to rhyme with "bagger".


Most readers probably know that an acronym is an invented word made up of the initial letters or syllables of other words, like NASA or NATO. Fewer probably know that an initialism is a type of acronym that cannot be pronounced as a word, but must be read letter-by-letter, like FBI or UCLA.

A quote from Daily Writing Tips. CAGR is an initialism, and should not be pronounced.

  • I think "shouldn't be pronounced" is an overstatement! :-) Anything can be pronounced. You just mean it should be pronounced "see ey gee arr". – BrenBarn Jan 13 '17 at 21:02
  • Ok, agreed. Try saying it to rhyme with bagger and see the looks you get. – JoeTaxpayer Jan 13 '17 at 21:09
  • @JoeTaxpayer I'm really not trying to be combative, but I work for a Fortune 500 company and commonly hear it pronounced. Unfortunately, I hear it pronounced different ways and hence the question. In my experience in the corporate world, this is never said "see ey gee arr". – M D Jan 13 '17 at 23:11
  • 1
    Well. First. I am not sensitive. I can be wrong, and will be wrong again. I am 54, and have never heard it pronounced on CNBC which I watch quite a bit. The fact that you don't hear it the same way, or rather, hear it many ways, implies there no set answer. At least EBIDTA seems to be pronounced consistently. If I heard 'kagger', I might say "what?" unless context was obvious. – JoeTaxpayer Jan 13 '17 at 23:51

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