I own a property with my sister, she lives in the property and I don't.

We are looking to sell the property and split the value increase.

Would I need to pay capital gains on my half and my sister doesn't?

  • I've found the anwser here : gov.uk/tax-sell-property/work-out-your-gain
    – Sid Drive
    Commented Jan 13, 2017 at 15:30
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    Then put it in an answer, not a comment. And explain it, don't just post the link: the link should back-up what you say in your answer.
    – AndyT
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Yes, most likely you need to pay CGT and your sister doesn't.

If you own property jointly, each owner potentially owes CGT on their own share:

If you own property jointly with other people, work out the gain for the share that you own.

As your sister lives in the property, she's entitled to "Private Residence Relief" subject to a few conditions, such as not having rented it out.

You're not entitled to relief on your share but you would get the usual annual CGT allowance (about £11k at present).

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