Are there good ways for an Indian company to wire money to an individual in Mainland China?


HSBC, also known as "The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation" has banks in India. I would imagine that might be a place to start.

Paypal, which is commonly used to pay for items on eBay -- is also available in both India and China.

You should, of course, respect any laws regulating this kind of money transfer.


You could use:

  • SWIFT transfer : ask your counterparty for his bank SWIFT code and beneficiary account numbers; you can do a SWIFT transfer to most countries from your Indian bank). You will need to fill a form where they ask you what you're transferring the money for, etc. Most Indian banks provide this facility.

  • Western Union: I'm not sure if WU is in China, but they are very simple to use.

  • Paypal: They charge heavy fees, but may be the fastest way to get your money across.

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