I have been out of the UK for the last 9 years and just returned and started a new job. My salary is 42,800.

I started work the first day of October, so will have only worked 6 months at the end of the tax year.

Can someone help me work out my liability/deductions per month?


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    Any attempt at calcs / research yourself? Does this question/answer give you the required info? Maybe combined with this answer on another question? Both of these were found using the "Related" list to the right, which would have been suggested when you were writing your question... – AndyT Oct 27 '16 at 10:46
  • (NB The first link was from 2011. The rates change each year. But if you follow the link used in that question, you can find the current rates.) – AndyT Oct 27 '16 at 10:47

Use a tax calculator (there are lots online) and for 2016/2017 tax year put in half your annual income, as you will only work half the year.

That will still calculate your income tax liability correctly - it doesn't make any difference whether you earned £X in 6 months on a £2X annual salary, or £X in 12 months on an £X annual salary: your total annual income for that year is still £X.

Putting in £21400 as your annual gross pay into http://www.uktaxcalculators.co.uk/ (and making various assumptions about your age, marital status etc.) gives total income tax liability for the year as £2080.

National Insurance is a different matter as that is calculated weekly:
- 12% of your weekly earnings between £155 and £827
- 2% of your earnings above £827

Your weekly gross pay would be £823 (£42800 / 52). Putting this in to the same calculator as the weekly pay gives a weekly NI liability of £80.16; across 6 months (26 weeks) this would therefore be a £2084 NI liability for the year.

So, for 2016-2017 your net income would be £21400 - (£2080 + £2084) = £17236.

Please do visit the calculator yourself and check my assumptions as these figures may not be exact if you have other income, allowances I don't know about, etc.

  • Few people on £42800 are paid weekly, therefore monthly NI rates would be more likely to be applicable. Also, the OP asked for deductions per month, not total by the end of the year. – AndyT Oct 27 '16 at 10:35

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