I purchased an item from a website not very long ago. For whatever amount I paid for shipping it said delivery estimated between Day T and Day T+5. Say I received the item on Day T+12. This item was important to my well being and I clearly feel dissatisfied that it arrived so late. If I called the vendor and told them they would probably say they don't care. However I used my credit card to pay for this so my question is the following:

Is there grounds in disputing this charge on the CC under

"I ordered merchandise or service from this merchant but the merchant was unable to provide the merchandise or service I ordered."

What would the likely outcome be if I did this dispute? Ideally I would want to keep the item and get some sort of refund.


The dispute would almost certainly be denied on the basis that you have kept the item.

If you want a refund, return the item. If you return the item and the vendor doesn't issue the proper refund, dispute the charge. You can't keep the item and get a refund and most (I think it's all, but I'll say most because there may be an outlier) credit card issuers can only cancel entire transactions, not 70% or whatever of a transaction.

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    The credit card company would cancel the entire transaction even if you were only entitled to a partial refund. It would then be your responsibility to pay the merchant whatever you owed them. When a credit card company reverses a payment, all they're really doing is disintermediating themselves. Essentially, they're saying that they won't collect for the merchant because the merchant didn't perform as promised. – David Schwartz Oct 24 '16 at 22:27
  • At the network level Visa and MC both support partial chargebacks, and I think most issuers support them too. I've done a few personally. – Daniel Lubarov Oct 25 '16 at 5:33

Ideally I would want to keep the item and get some sort of refund.

It doesn't work this way. Although a pizza chain might offer such a thing, 30 minutes or it's free, but other sellers of stuff typically don't agree to this.

Even with Amazon, "guaranteed by x date." So it comes a day late. As a prime member, I didn't pay extra for shipping. Why waste my time to say it's a day late, as I won't likely get anything back? Either way, you are right to be unhappy, but the best you might get is a refund of shipped fees, if any. In the end, money talks, you should express your unhappiness by buying elsewhere.

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