I was watching a TED talk about "Why the Rich get Richer" and the speaker mentioned a game called "Cashflow" that's like a financial simulator. I noticed that there are two versions of it: one called Cashflow 101 (which has been discontinued) and another one called Cashflow 202. Is 202 the same thing but just a newer version of it?


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Cashflow is a board game developed by Robert Kiyosaki designed to teach people how to become rich based on the advice in his Rich Dad, Poor Dad books.

Cashflow 101 is the original game. Cashflow 202 is an advanced expansion pack to the original game. It adds new cards and features to the game, but does not include a board, and you need the original Cashflow 101 game in order to play.

It appears that the current edition of Cashflow (which was revised in 2014) is modified somewhat from the original Cashflow 101 game, and I have no idea if the old Cashflow 202 is compatible with the new edition of Cashflow. But in any case, if you get ahold of a copy of Cashflow 202, it is not playable on its own.

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